Computer Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Computer Quotation Template is filled by the computer company, which agrees to sell computers to a particular company or individual. This template will include computer parts and services included, along with the price quotes, so that you can compare with other computer companies in the market and choose the best one as per your requirements and preferences.

Sample Computer Quotation Template

Name ___________________________________ (Name of the person filling the template)
Residential __________ / Commercial ________________ (Indicate whether the computers are needed for residential or commercial purposes)
Number of computers required ___________
Date of Delivery ____/____/____ (Date by which you need the computers delivered)
Computer parts involved:
1.    ___________________________________
(Computer parts you will be purchasing from our company)
Services expected:
1.    ___________________________________
(Mention the services you will be expecting from the company, which may include installation, usage and guidance)
Price quote___________
Freight charges ____________
Total Cost ____________

Download Computer Quotation Template in Word Format

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