Construction Quotation Template

July 1, 2011

A Construction Quotation Template is the document which the construction company asks their customer to fill in order to give an estimate of the cost involved in carrying out a particular construction.

Sample Construction Quotation Template

Name _____________________ (Name of the person filling the template)
Address ______________________ (Address where construction has to be made)
Building Construction _____ / Construction of a part ____ (Tick whether an entire building needs to be constructed or you want only a particular part to be constructed)
What needs to be constructed? _____________ (If you are looking to get only a particular part constructed, and then give an idea of what it should be. Whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom, a room, a patio etc.)
Measurements of the area _______________ (Size of the area where construction has to be made)
What kind of facilities you would be availing?
1.    _____________________________
(Here, mention whether you would be availing other services like architectural designing, landscaping, interior designing etc.)
Date by which construction has to be completed ____/____/____
Number of laborers needed ______ (Number of laborers required to complete the construction project)
Price quote ________
(Sign here if you agree to accept the quotation)

Download Construction Quotation Template in Word Format

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