Expense Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An expense receipt template is a format which you will need whenever you pay for the expenses your employees have made for your company. Such expenses may include fuel costs and travel fares spent on business purposes and in return of the expense that you pay to the employees, you will need to get a receipt signed from them. An expense receipt template will allow you to do that quickly and easily.

Sample Expense Receipt Template

Date ________________________ (Date on which expense is being paid)
Name of the employee __________________________________________ (who has made the expense)
Bill No. ______________________ (Bill no. of the expense)
Bill Date _______________________________ (Date of bill on which the expense was made)
Type of Expense _____________________________________ (Commodity or service on which the expense was made)
Bill Amount ________________________________________ (Amount of the bill)
Payment Details __________________________________________ (Details of the payment, whether it is through cash, check, draft, credit card or any other method)
(Sign of the employee who has made the expense and receipt the amount)

Download Expense Receipt Template in Word Format

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