Gift Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Large companies or some individuals to affirm the receipt of a gift by a client or other person use gift receipt template. The template provides details of gift type, purpose etc.  It is a general-purpose document.

Sample Gift Receipt Template

Title of organization/Individual___________________
Address________ Phone_______ Email__________
(Here the name and contact details of gift recipient will appear.)
Receipt serial umber_________
Receipt date___/___/___ (General information about receipt.)
Type of gift__________
Description of gift/s____________
Purpose of gift_______________ Occasional_________ Place where it is send_________
Gift delivered by______________
Estimated price of gift_____________
(Here the detail information about the gift will appear.)
Gift Sender’s Name______________
Address_________ Phone__________ Email________
(This section provides information about the gift sender.)
We are thankful to receive the gift_______ (gift title) from you on___/___/___.
(Here the recipient will show his regards to sender.)
Signature of recipient_________ Date__/___/___
Signature of delivery boy/person___________
(This section provides signature and confirmation from both sides regarding gif sending and acceptance.)
Download Gift Receipt Template in Word Format

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