General Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A General receipt template can be used by any commercial organization and company or even by individuals to give a receipt to their clients. The template provides description of those services/products that were bought or hired by clients and the rates/charges of those services as well.

Sample General Receipt Template

Title of company/organization______________
Address__________ Phone__________ Email_________
(This section provide name and contact details of receipt issuing company/individual.)
Receipt Number___________
Receipt Date_______________ (General information regarding receipt.)
Customer name_____________ Phone___________ Email__________
(This section provide name and contact details of customer.)
Description of products/goods: Unites__________ Model________ size_______ color_________
(Here the details of items bought by customer will appear.)
Cost for each item______________
_______________ (Here the prices of those items are mentioned.)
Any credit asked by customer____________ (Description of credit amount on what items will appear.)
Earlier debit, if any______________
Total amount___________________
Rebate/discount given if any_________________
Total sum of _______________ received by______________ (Name of client).
(This section gives final detail of payment.)
Signature of shopkeeper______________

Download General Receipt Template in Word Format

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