Non Cash Donation Receipt Template

July 2, 2011

A Non-cash donation receipt template is used by those charity organizations and agencies who seeks donations from individuals or corporate in non cash form. The template works as a basic draft for such a receipt in which information regarding donation and donor are shown.

Sample Non-Cash Donation Receipt Template

Name of the organization/agency_____________
Phone Number ________
Email address _________
Fax Number _________
(This part shows the name and contact details of charity organization to whom the non cash charity is made.)
Donation receipt serial number__________ Receipt date___/___/___
(General information about receipt like the date and its number will appear here.)
Donor name___________ [Name of the person who has made the non cash donation]
Mailing address__________ Phone_______ Email_______ Fax_________
(This part contains name and contact details of donor.)
Provision of donation_____________ Donation with identification/without Identification___________
Donation form____________
Tax rebate______________
(This part contains information about donation made.)
_____________ [Type of donation] Received by___________ (Signature of donor).
Download Non Cash Donation Receipt Template in Word Format

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