Official Donation Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An official donation receipt template is the format of an official donation receipt which you receive in return of the donation you make towards an organization. Here is an official donation receipt template to give you an idea about what kind of information it should contain.

Sample Official Donation Receipt Template

Name of the Organization _________________________________________ (Towards which you are donating the money)
Receipt no. __________________ (Any kind of receipts also have a receipt no.)
Date _______________________ (Date on which the donation is being made or when the receipt is being signed)
Name of the donor ______________________________________________ (Name of the person who is donating the money)
Amount of Donation _____________________________________________ (Amount of money that you are donating)
Donation received by ____________________________________ (Name of the person who has received the donation on behalf of the organization)
(Sign of the person who has received the donation or who is filling the receipt)

Download Official Donation Receipt Template in Word Format

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