VAT Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A VAT receipt template provides information about a standard VAT receipt that includes the details of an invoice of some goods purchasing. It is widely used by trading companies, retail shops and such organizations.

Sample Vat Receipt Template

Company name___________
Mailing address___________ Phone_________ Email_________ Fax________
(This part provide name and contact details of company/shop/firm.)
Vat receipt serial number_____________
Vat receipt date___/___/___
(Here the general information of vat receipt will appear.)
Customer name____________
Goods purchased Description 1._______________ Quantity__________ Rate_________ Vat_______
2. Description ____________ Quantity__________ Rate____ Vat____
3. Description________ Quantity___________ Rate_____ Vat_______
(This section provides information about the goods purchased by customer.)
Net amount__________
Any dues________ Credited amount if any___________
Grand total___________
(This part gives detail of dues and credit with final amount for payment.)
A sum of__________ received by _________ (Signature of customer)
Mode of payment: Cash/Card/Cheque___________
Card Number in case of credit card__________
Bank account number__________
(This part shows the specification regarding payment mode.)
Signature of cashier_________ Dated__/___/__

Download VAT Receipt Template in Word Format

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