School Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Every student studying in a school has to pay various kinds of expenses which include school tuition fees, expenses for buying uniform from school or fees for buying books from school etc, and when they pay such expenses they get a receipt in return which is known as a school receipt template. These types of templates include information of the student, the types of expenses paid by them and other such related details.

Sample School receipt template

Date: _________ [date in dd/mm/yy format]
______________ [name of the school]
___________ [logo of the school]
Address: __________ Street address __________ Name of city ______________ Name of state _________________ Postal code [address of the school]
Receipt for purchase of school books:
Book purchased Price
___________                                      _______
Total fees: ____________ [total price paid for all the books purchased]
Paid by: ______________ [name of the student paying the expenses]
Standard: _____________ [standard in which student is studying]
Roll No.: _______

Download School Receipt Template in Word Format

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