Income Tax Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An Income Tax Receipt template is a document which defines the format of an income tax receipt. These types of templates are used by individuals when they submit their income tax to the government.

Sample Income Tax Receipt Template

Financial Year: _______ – ________ (Financial year for which the income tax is being paid)
Date: ____/____/_____ (Date on which the income tax is paid)
Total income in the financial year ___________ (Your total income during the financial year for which income tax is being paid)
Tax percentage deducted ________ (Percentage of income tax that is deducted from your total income. This percentage depends upon your total income and also your gender)
Tax rebate _________ (You may be exempted from some amount of tax, if you have been paying your insurance premium or donating in a charitable organization)
Total income tax paid _______________ (The total amount you have to pay after all the calculations)

Download Income Tax Receipt Template in Word Format

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