Nanny Resume Template

July 2, 2011

Nanny resume template is helpful for those who are looking for the job as a baby sitter or a nanny. This type of job required utmost attention, patience, responsibility and caring nature and thus the template should be drafted in such a manner so that it showcases all these qualities of an applicant.

Sample Nanny Resume Template

Personal Detail:
Name ____________________________
Phone Number: ____________ Mobile number: _________________
I am a responsible, energetic and humble person. Loves children, adores their company and has lot of patience with them. I am ready to work in all kind of shifts. Highly experienced and reliable. Extremely capable and comfortable with children. Keeps in mind the rules regarding safety, comfort and moods of the baby and these aspects are adhered to strictly.

Work Experience (mention the individual experience or experience in a babysitting organization)

Additional qualifications: (Here you can mention any additional qualification or workshops attended children related matter)
Social Affiliations________________________________________
Available on request

Download Nanny Resume Template in Word Format

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