Business Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A business survey template is a ready to use document that is used when business surveys are conducted. These templates help reduce time and also allow users to customize them as per their needs and requirement.

Sample business survey template

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the person taking survey)
Contact Information: ___________________ (Mention the contact info)
1. The first question should ask the person about his overall satisfaction with the business?
a) ___________ (provide options like very satisfied, satisfied, okay, not satisfied)
b) ___________
c) ___________
2. This question should ask about the time period of association
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
c) ___________
3. This question asks the candidate to mention the areas which he particularly admired or is happy with
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
4. This question should ask whether the customer will look forward to further business association or not
a) _______________ (yes)
b) _______________ (no)
5. This question is about welcoming any suggestions or complaints with regards to the business.

Download Business Survey Template in Word Format

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