Health Benefits Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A health benefit survey template is a format for a health benefit survey which is used by people who conduct such surveys. This template makes it easy for them to save time in framing the questions of this survey. This template has spaces left for the user to fill and customize the template on his own.

Sample Health Benefits Survey Template

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the candidate taking survey)
1. The first question should ask whether he realizes the importance of good health
a) ___________ (provide options yes, no, partially etc…)
b) __________
2. This question should ask whether the candidate drinks/smokes)
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
c) ___________
3. This question ask whether the candidate indulge himself in any type of physical exercise or not?
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
4. This question should ask whether the candidate would work towards maintaining good health or not
a) _______________ (provide options yes or no)
b) _______________

Download Health Benefits Survey Template in Word Format

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