Client Satisfaction Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A client satisfaction survey template is a ready to use document that can be used to measure the client’s satisfaction through a survey. This template helps to know the overall satisfaction of the client with regards to product or services.

Sample Client Satisfaction

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the client taking survey)
1. The first question should ask whether the client is satisfied with the overall experience with your company
a) ___________ (provide options yes, no, partially satisfied etc…)
b) __________
2. This question should ask about the time period of association
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
c) ___________
3. This question ask about sections he was satisfied with
a) _______________ (provide options)
b) _______________
4. This question should ask whether the client would associate himself again with the company or not
a) _______________ (provide options yes or no)
b) _______________
5. This question is about welcoming any suggestions or complaints from the client or the areas that could be improved

Download Client Satisfaction Survey Template in Word Format

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