Demographic Survey template

July 2, 2011

A demographic survey template is a ready to use document that is used when an organization wishes to conduct a demographic survey for a group of people. These templates can be customized according to needs and requirement.

Sample demographic survey template

Name: __________________ (Mention the name of the person taking survey)
Age: __________________ (Mention the age of the person)
Gender: ___________________ (Mention the gender of the person)
Contact Information: ___________________ (Mention the contact info)
1. The first question should be about the highest level of education acquired by the person taking the survey?
a) ___________ (provide options)
b) ___________
c) ___________
2. This question should be about the yearly income range of the person taking the survey?
a) ___________ (provide options)
b) ___________
c) ___________
3. This question enquires about the marital status of an individual?
a) _______________ (yes)
b) _______________ (no)
4. This question is related to the religious affiliation?
a) _______________ (provide options like Jewish, Hindu, Christian etc…)
b) ____________
c) ____________
d) ____________
6. The last question will be related to number of dependant family members and their age?
a) ___________
b) ____________

Download Demographic Survey template in Word Format

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