Airlines Website Template

July 4, 2011

An airlines website template is the layout of a website which offers customers the exact details of the flights it operates and the destinations it caters to. The website must have accurate information and online ticket booking facilities. It must be up to date as customers will book flights relying on the information provided in the website.

Sample Airlines Website Template:

Name: ______________________________________________ [Name of the airline]
A general overview: ____________________________________ [Provide a brief introduction to the airlines, its prompt service and its trustworthy customer care facilities]
Select from our destination list:
•    From: ______________________________________ [Provide a selection of cities from which flights are operated by the airline]
•    To: _______________________________________ [List of destination cities]
Flight schedule: _________________________________________________ [Provide a flight schedule depending on the customer’s choice of the destination city and city from which flight will be taken]
•    Flight 1: __________________________ [Mention the departure and arrival timings and ticket prices]
•    Flight 2: ___________________________
•    Flight 3: ___________________________
Contact number: ___________________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Airlines Website Template in Word Format

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