Police Website Template

July 4, 2011

A Police website template is the design of such a website which provides police-public interface and aware the public regarding various legal norms. Even this kind of websites is an effective tool for reporting crime instantly.

Sample Police Website Template

Name of the police station _______________ [mention the name of the police station of this particular website]
Contact details ___________________________
Tagline _____________________ [mention an impressive tagline that would give a compelling message to the public]
Emergency number ________________________
Contact us by clicking the below mentioned link: [this segment will redirect the users to another page where one can instantly share the problems with the police authority]
•    For lodging a complain
•    For reporting a crime
•    For a persistent problem
•    Finding the missing person
•    Suggestion and feedbacks
Help resources:
•    Traffic
•    Lost motor vehicles
•    Lost cell phones, wallet etc
•    Ragging related
•    Others please specify ________________

Download Police Website Template in Word Format

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