Hospital Website Template

July 4, 2011

A Hospital website template outlines the detailed overview of a hospital including the provision of enrolling the patient’s name for admission. Thus, this kind of websites are an effective way through which patients can directly interact with physicians and get to know every minute details about the hospital.

Sample Hospital Website Template

Name of the hospital _____________________________________________
Contact us ___________________________________________
About us _______________________________________________________ [mention the detailed overview about the hospital]
For making an appointment with following doctors, click on their name: [Name of the physicians along with their departments and qualification]
Name                               Qualification                          Department
__________________      _________________        ________________
Facilities offered: [mention the detailed facilities offered]
Admission procedure:
Patients can be admitted through online enrollment or else through registration from the hospital reception.
For emergency admission one need to follow the following admission procedure.
Admission charges and concession:__________________________________________

Download Hospital Website Template in Word Format

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