Prenuptial Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

A prenuptial agreement template is a legal understanding between the couple before marriage. In such an agreement, the couple decides and enters the details of joint assets and settlement for the same.

Sample prenuptial agreement template:

Prenuptial agreement Number: ____________

Date: ____/____/____ [enter legal registration number & date]

This perpetual agreement is entered between:

Mr ____________ address: ______________ phone number: ___________ hereinafter referred as the groom


Ms__________ address: _____________ contact number: ______________ hereinafter referred as the bride. [Provide the required details of both the parties]

Hereby the couple is getting married on ___/____/___ [date of marriage].

Address of the couple after marriage:


Following are the property details for which the settlement is made:

Joint property including house $_________ address: _____________

Jewellery: $_____________

Grooms property cost: $___________

Bride’s Property cost: $____________ [fill the details in local currency]

Settlement in case of divorce will be as followings:

The groom will pay $ _____________ as settlement amount to the bride. [Give the appropriate agreed amount]

Acceptance of the agreement:

Singed by the Groom: ____________

Singed by the Bride: _____________ [validated by the couple]

Signature of the Solicitor: ____________ [approval of the lawyer]

Download Prenuptial Agreement Template In Word Format

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