Employment Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Name of the employment organization: __________________________

Address ________________________________

Success story [Mention the previous success story or employment opportunities generated by the organization] ____________________________________________________________________

[Mention the name of the candidate who are already placed through this employment organization]

Name of the candidates                Company                      Job position    Year

___________________                ________                   ___________    _______

___________________                ________                   ___________    _______

___________________                ________                   ___________    _______

Employment Programs: [mention the employment programs that are being designed by the organization for preparing the students for various employment opportunities]

Program 1 ____________________________

Program 2 ____________________________

Program 3____________________________

Program 4____________________________

Guaranteed employment is assured within __________________________ [mention the approximate months by which employment is guaranteed by the organization]

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