Education Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: _____________________

Name: ____________________ [initial details of the educational institute are mentioned]

Image of the institute: _______________________

About us: _________________________________ [a brief overview of history and mission & vision is mentioned here]

Image gallery: ____________________________ [an interactive image gallery of the educational institute is printed here]

Education policy: _________________________ [an introduction of educational structure is provided here]

Offered courses: ___________________________ [the offered educational diplomas, degrees and post graduation courses are mentioned along with the duration & fee description]

Details of the concerned faculty: _________________ [the profile description of the concerned teaching authority for each course is printed.]

Contact us:

Name of the concerned department: ________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________

Fax Number: _________________________________

E-mail id: _____________________________________

URL: _________________________________________

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