Welcome Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: __________________________ [Here the logo of the company is printed]

Company name: ___________________ [The name of the company is given here]

Image: _____________________________ [a high resolution image of the company is printed]

About us: ___________________________ [history and mission of the company is mentioned here]

Join us: ____________________________ [a number of benefits of joining such a business organization are mentioned]

Offered goods and services: ___________________ [products are explained here including usage]

Achievements: ________________________ [accomplishments and rewards are mentioned in order to show the efficiency]

Approach us:

Concerned department: _________________

Address: ____________________________

Toll free contact number: ______________

Fax Number: _______________________

Email id: _________________

URL: ___________________ [contact details are mentioned to help out the interested clients]

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