Chips Label Template

June 21, 2011

A chips label template means the layout of the label on the reverse side of a chips packet. This label contains necessary information for the consumers about the ingredients and other details related to the chips.

Sample Chips Label Template

_____________________________________ [Name of the chips and the flavour]

Date of packaging and manufacturing_____________ [State the date when it was packed after manufacturing.]

Expiry date_________________________________ [The date when the chips expire, after which consumption should not be allowed]

Ingredients:-[The various ingredients that have been included in making of this particular flavour of the chips]

Ingredients: –                      Composition:-

1) [Ingredient 1]             _____________%

2) [Ingredient 2]             ______________%

3) [Ingredient 3]              ______________%

4) [Ingredient 4]             _______________%

Nutritional Value

  1. Fat  _________________ %
  2. Carbohydrates _________________ %
  3. Others _________________ %

Total cost____________________ [Price of the chips packet inclusive of taxes [

States where it is not sold___________________ [State the list of states where it is not sold]

Name of company________________________________________

Factory Address__________________ [State the address of the manufacturer and where the chips are processed]

In case of any complaints please feel free to contact at__________________________ [The number where a consumer can direct all his complaints, feedback and queries]

Download Chips Label Template in Word Format




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