Cooking oil Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Cooking oil label template represents the format of the label on a cooking oil bottle or a carton which indicates all the necessary details about that particular cooking oil. Such kind of template helps the consumers while purchasing cooking oil.

Sample Cooking Oil Label Template

_________________________________ [name of the cooking oil]

Image ______________________________ [logo of the company which has manufactured and marketed the oil]

Packaging date ___________________ [date on which the cooking oil is being packed]

Expiry date ________________________ [the date after which the oil cannot be used anymore]

Nutritive value: [mention the nutritional value of each ingredient approximately in 100 ml]

Ingredient                          Proportion [in mg]

1. [Ingredient 1]                  ________mg

2. [Ingredient 2]                  ________mg

3. [Ingredient 3]                  ________mg

4. [Ingredient 4]                  ________mg

5. [Ingredient 5]                  ________mg

Price including all service taxes __________ [mention the price of the oil]

Company name ______________ [name of the company who has manufactured and marketed]

Factory Address _________________ [address of the company]

Contact number _________________


Download Cooking oil Label Template in Word Format





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