Energy Drink Label Template

June 21, 2011

An Energy drink label template is the layout of a label used on any energy drink bottle. It contains all the necessary information about a specific energy drink.

Sample Energy Drink Label Template

_________________________ [name of the energy drink]

Image: ___________________________ [picture related with that drink]

Manufacturing date ____________________________ [the date on which the drink is manufactured]

Best before _______________________ [the date after which consumption of the energy drink might be harmful]

Supplement facts: [mention about all the nutritional components along with their proportion for per serving]

Serving size: 1 cup _______________ [mention the amount in ml]

Ingredient                                Amount per serving [in %]

1. [Component 1]                  ________%

2. [Component 2]                  ________%

3. [Component 3]                  ________%

4. [Component 4]                  ________%

5. [Component 5]                  ________%

Direction: ___________________________ [mention making process step by step]

Net price including all service taxes ____________________ [mention the total price]

Company name ______________ [name of the manufacturing company]

Factory Address _________________ [address of the company]

In case of any complain please feel free to contact at _____________ [mention the contact number]

Not to be used by people under the age group of ____ [mention the age group]

Download Energy Drink Label Template in Word Format

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