File Folder Label Template

June 21, 2011

File folder label templates are the document which contains the format of the file folder label that is used on the cover of any file folder. These labels contain details of file and help to keep track of the file folder.

Sample File Folder Label Template

Name of the file ___________________________________ [Give the name which is being given to that particular file. This may also contain the name of the department to which the file belongs to]

Name of the person ___________________________ [name of the person to whom this file folder belongs to]

Contact DetailsĀ  _______________________ [mention contact details of the file owner]

Date _____________________ (dd/mm/yy) [mention the date on which this file is being made, this helps to keep record of files made on a certain time]

Summary on the file folder ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [Write few lines regarding the paper that are present in the file folder as this would also help in differentiate a particular file out of similar kind of data containing files]

Download File Folder Label Template in Word Format

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