Cheese Slice Label Template

June 21, 2011

A cheese slice label template is the layout of that label which is usually found on the rear side of the packets of cheese slices. It provides the consumer with significant information about the ingredients and other details.

Sample Cheese Slice Label Template

_________________________________ [State the name of the cheese and its flavour, if any.]

Packaging date_________________________________ [State the date of manufacturing and packaging.]

Expiry Date___________________________________ [State the date when the product expires, after which the cheese should not be consumed or used]

Nutritional Value per 100 gm

1) Fat                    _______________%

2) Protein              _______________%

3) Carbohydrates   _______________%

4) Others                _______________%

The price ___________________________________ [State the marked price of the packet of cheese slice incorporating tax amount]

States where these packets cannot be sold   ____________________________________ [State the places where the product cannot be sold or where the prices are different.]

Name of the company __________________________________ [State the name of the Dairy and manufacturer of the slices.]

Contact number ____________________________________ [Number where the consumer can address any kind of query or feedback].

Download Cheese Slice Label Template in Word Format

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