Franchise Operations Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Franchise operations manual are provided to the people working in a business so that they could understand their job role better. Therefore, franchise operations manual template should be so constructed that it must represent inter related aspects of a business efficiently to its employees.

Sample Franchise Operations Manual Template

Name of the business ______________________________________

A cover page _______________________________________ [give a brief description about the entire business]

Business objective _________________ [mention about the purpose of the business so that the employees could understand and work towards fulfilling it]

Index ______________________ [list of the topic names]

Role of the employees associated with the business _____________________________________

Main processes of the business are as follows ___________________________ [mention about the activity streams of the business]

Detailed overview on operation of the franchisers _____________________________________

Expectation of the company from their franchisers ________________________________

How to achieve the performance standard _______________________________

For further resources or information on franchise operation you should search on ______________

Download Franchise Operations Manual Template in Word Format

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