Operations Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An operations manual is designed by an organization to provide necessary information regarding the operation of a particular system, whatever type it might be of. A manual of this sort analyses every detail of the process that is being operated and provides a report after thorough study of all aspects. Hence an operations manual template should be prepared enough systematically to ensure smooth functioning of the project.

Sample Operations Manual Template:

Name of the system undergoing operation ____________________________________

Table of Contents:

  1. 1. General Information                                                                     Page No. _____ to _____
  • System Overview
  • Project References
  • Points of Contact
  1. 2. System Operations Overview                                                       Page No. _____ to _____
  • System Operations
  • Operational Inventory
  • Processing Overview
  • Communications Overview
  • Account Creation
  • Maintenance and Backup
  • Environment and Security
  1. 3. Site Operations Overview                                                             Page No. _____ to _____
  • System Requirements
  • Troubleshooting FAQ
  1. 4. Installation Instructions                                                                 Page No. _____ to _____

Glossary of Terms related to the manual

__________ [Term 1]

_________________________ [Explanation of term 1]

__________ [Term 2]

__________________________ [Explanation of term 2]

Intended users for the manual _________________________ [mention the people who should be handling this].

Download Operations Manual Template in Word Format

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