Health & Safety Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Health and safety manual template outlines the manual, which depicts various kinds of safety measures one should take for achieving standard quality of health. This kind of manual serves as an effective tool, which creates awareness about various health benefitting factors.

Sample Health and Safety Manual Template

Name of the manual ____________________________

Designed by __________________ [mention the name of the person, group or health care organization who has created the manual]

Index: [list the topic according to the category]

Health measures:

____________ [name of the first topic in health measures]

____________ [name of the second topic in health measures]

Safety measures:

____________ [name of the first topic in safety measures]

____________ [name of the second topic in safety measures]

Details on the above- mentioned topic____________________________________

Frequently asked questions _________________ [in this section of FAQ mention about the questions, which an individual generally search for]

Further resources for getting more information: _______________________

Download Health & Safety Manual Template in Word Format

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