Household Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Household manual template outlines the manual provided to the household employees. This manual includes every minute detail regarding the household work one needs to perform.

Sample Household Manual Template

Name of the household manual ____________________________

A cover page __________________________ [an introduction about the kind of household work that is to be performed]

Purpose of the manual _____________________ [mention for what household job purpose the manual is being designed]

Content __________________ [list various topics which an individual needs to perform]

Detailed overview: [This section must contain details of every topic, which would help an individual to understand his work effectively]



Questions related to work ___________________ [This section must emphasize on various questions related to the particular household job. Moreover, it is effective for clearing doubts of an individual related to his or her job]

Details of support work that is to be provided _______________________________

Process of handling stress and overtime ___________________________

Download Household Manual Template in Word Format

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