Job Training Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Job training is provided to the new as well as existing employees for making them competent for accomplishing the role of a particular job position. Depending on the kind of training they are undergoing, manuals are designed for imparting a well-versed knowledge. Thus, a job-training manual template must outline all the necessary contents that an effective training manual should possess.

Sample Job Training Manual Template:

Title of the job: _______________________________ [state clearly the title of the assigned job]

Overview of the job: ___________________________________________ [mention the objective and different perspectives of the job]

Type of training: _____________ [on-the-job training] ______________ [online training]

Table of Contents: [it should contain details of all the topics that need to be covered during the training period, thereby illustrating the job procedure]

___________________ [topic 1]                                              Page Number _____ to _____

___________________ [topic 2]                                              Page Number _____ to _____

___________________ [topic 3]                                              Page Number _____ to _____

[The following sections should provide a detailed knowledge of all the topics].

Help Desk: _____________________ [mention name and contact number of persons to be contacted in case any confusion arises].

Download Job Training Manual Templatee in Word Format

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