Resource Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Resource manual is designed by various companies or organizations to meet an individual’s need. Therefore, resource manual template should comprehensively outline all the essential points that this particular manual must contain.

Sample Resource Manual Template

Name the resource manual _________________________

Introduction of the resource manual ___________________________________________________________ [this section must contain detailed overview about the content of this particular resource manual, its implementation, purpose etc]

Objective of the resource manual _____________________________ [this section should contain the objective behind designing this manual]

Usage and circulation _________________________________ [mention the usage of the resource manual along its area of circulation]

Revision of previous resource manual _____________________ [mention the revised points of this resource manual than the previous one]

Salient features of the manual ___________________________________________

Definitions of important terms related to the manual:

___________ [term 1]

_________ [explanation of term 1]

___________ [term 2]

_________ [explanation of term 2]

___________ [term 3]

_________ [explanation of term 3]

Intended people for this resource manual _________________________

Download Resource Manual Template in Word Format


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