Training Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Training manual template is the design of a training manual that is being provided to an individual undergoing any kind of training program. Training manual ranges from particular course training to job training.

Sample Training Manual Template

Name of the training institute ________________________________

Name of the training course ______________________________

Duration of the training __________________________________

Content [This section should give the idea to the reader what are the topics covered in this particular training manual]

  • _______________ [ name of topic 1]   ______ [ Topic 1 from page __ to ____]
  • ________________[name of topic 2]   ______ [ Topic 2 from page __ to ____]
  • ________________[name of topic 2]   ______ [ Topic 2 from page __ to ____]

[The following sections should provide the detail of the above mentioned topics]

Name of the topic 1 ____________________

Knowledge related to it ________________

Name of the topic 2 ____________________

Knowledge related to it_______________

Name of the topic 3 ____________________

Knowledge related to it_______________

Download Training Manual Template in Word Format

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