Trainer Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Trainer manuals are provided to the trainers of any particular training program. This kind of manuals gives the trainer a clear idea about a particular training and it becomes easier for him to train others as well. Hence, a trainer manual template should be constructed comprehensively yet with a professional approach.

Sample Trainer Manual Template

Name of the training institute _____________________________________

Name of the training course _______________________________________

Index: [this section must content the name of the each topic that is being covered in the latter part of the manual]

  • _______________ [ topic 1 name]                  page number __ to ___
  • ________________[topic 2 name]                 page number __ to ____
  • ________________[topic 3 name]                 page number __ to ____

[The following sections must cover the details of the above mentioned topics]

Name of Topic 1 ____________________

Overview ________________

Name of topic 2 ____________________


Name of topic 3 ____________________


Questionnaire: [give questions that is being often asked to the trainers while they provide training]



Download Trainer Manual Template in Word Format

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