Office Manual Template

June 28, 2011

An office manual must clearly highlight the rules, the objectives and the technical and human resource of an office. Thus an office manual template should address these concerns in order to provide complete information about the office in the small space of a manual.
Sample Office Manual Template
Name of the office: __________________________________________________
Date of establishment: ________________________________________________
[Fill in the relevant details]
Our aims and objectives: ________________________________________________________________________
[Mention the aims and objectives of the office keeping in mind the type of work it is involved with]
Our recruitment procedure and eligibility requirements for new recruitments:
[Mention the criteria based on which a candidate is selected for a post as well as the process involved in such recruitment]
Our office hours: _______________________________________ [fill in the time]
Email id, telephone number, and fax: ____________________________________________ [fill in the relevant details]
Our growth and development: ______________________________________________________     [Give a brief outline of the history of the office including its progress and subsequent development]
Download Office Manual Template in Word Format

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