Project Status Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

A Project status presentation template is a layout which presents an individual’s project status and overview in front of the audience. This kind of project related templates are needed to be designed effectively so that it creates a good impact to the audience.

Sample Project Status Presentation Template

____________________ [Project title for the presentation]

Name of the person/ group ____________________________ [Mention the names who are presenting the project]

Objective ____________________________________

[Mention the objective or purpose for making the particular project]

Project Summary


[The complete project summary which would help the audience to understand the project status better]

Project Status


[Mention the present status of the project]

Time Required

_________________ Years [Time required in years to complete the entire project]



[Mention if any implementation of this particular project has been done]



[The main conclusion of the entire project]

Special thanks to


[Mention the names of those who deserve special thanks for their association in the project]

Download Project Status Presentation Template in Word Format


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