Interview Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

An Interview presentation template is an effective layout which is used by the interviewee during the time of his or her interview. Such kind of template should nicely be presented in order to impress the interviewer panel.

Sample Interview Presentation Template

______________________ [title of the interview presentation]

Name _____________________ [name of the interviewee]

Contact details ________________ [Contact details of the interviewee]

Objective ________________________________________________________________________

[Interviewee should mention his objective of joining the particular organization]

Message ___________________________________________

[Give a key message which would act as a spinal cord to the whole presentation]

Complete Profile ________________________________________________________ [Profile must contain the entire details of the interviewee, which has to be attractive and should interest the interview panel]

Ideas ________________________________________________

[Interviewee should mention the innovative ideas, if any, he have on his mind which he wants to implement]

Quote ______________________________________________________

[Mention any quote/ question or provocative statement which would help you to create an impact on the audience mind]

Download Interview Presentation Template in Word Format

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