Product Analysis Template

June 29, 2011

Product analysis template can acquire various forms but mainly it is the survey as well as review of a product and its usefulness. It can mean professionals analysing a manufactured good or people from the general public as well as possible customers/groups of persons. Product analysis can occur at roughly any phase of the design course.
Sample Product Analysis Template
Product name ____________ (name of product)
Company name ____________ (name of the manufacturers)
Materials used _____________ (The kind of materials used in the product manufacturing)
Utility ________________ (How well the product is in its usefulness)
Client’s needs __________________ (If the product satisfies the needs and wants of the user)
Safety / Hazards ________________ (If the product is completely harmless and safe for use)
Cost _____________________ (If the product is aptly priced)
Aesthetics _______________ (the look of the product in terms of trend and style)
Green quotient ______________ (the environmental impact the product has)
Download Product Analysis Template in Word Format

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