Product Specification Document Template

June 29, 2011

The reason for creation of a Product Specification Document (PSD) is to explain clearly, openly, precisely, entirely, and exclusive of vagueness the functionality and restraints of the system. In other words, the work that the product must do in order to meet the needs and desires of the user\ clientele is included in the product specification document template.

Sample Product Specification Template

Name of product ___________________________

Company name _________________________

Overview of product __________________ (briefing of the product )

Design guidelines ______________ ( instructions to implement the system )

Architecture _____________ ( describes the outward design of the product )

Security ___________ (security related information is provided)

Software _______________ ( the internal design is provided here )

Performance ______________ ( any information or document related to the working of the product )

User ideology ________________ ( instructions regarding the target user’s usefulness is given )

Signature _________________ ( signature of the concerned project manager/ technical manager is included here)

Download Product Specification Document Template in Word Format


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