Product Positioning Template

June 29, 2011

A Product positioning is related to market section focus. Product positioning template entails creating exceptional, consistent, and documented customer acuity about an organization’s offering and figure. A product may be positioned based on an attitude or advantage, use or request, user, rank, price, or height of quality. It targets manufacture of good and quality product for specific market area and product wants at specific values. The same merchandise may be positioned in several different manners.
Sample Product Positioning Template
For the User_________________ (the kind of target user) , Presenting the all new Name of product2__________________(product name and tagline) from the Company Name ________________(makers of the product) that Description______________ (brief description the aforementioned product) that Uses and Benefits ______________ (utilities of the product and advantages) unlike the Name of product2____________ (Name of a product of same category), the product1 can easily do Advantage _______________ (Comparison of product 1 with product2 and its advantages over product2).

Download Product Positioning Template in Word Format

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