Product Requirement Template

June 29, 2011

A product requirement is a file written by a company that describes a product they are manufacturing, or the needs for new characteristics for existing merchandise. This document is usually created before / concurrently with a technological requirements document. It is intended to allow persons within a corporation to know what merchandise should work. The documents are most regularly written for software goods, but can be utilised for any form of product.

Sample Product Requirement Template

Product name ____________________

Scope of the product______________________ (description of the product)

Perspective ________________________ (reason for developing the product)

Functions__________________________ (the utilities of the product)

User characteristics ________________________ (the type of expected user)

Assumptions __________________ (the dependencies during formation of product)

Requirements of product

User requirements ____________________ (from the perspective of the user)

Security requirements _______________________ (safety needs)

System requirements ____________________ (specifications needed to manufacture the product)

Customer support _________________ (the internal support that the product will receive)

Download Product Requirement Template in Word Format


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