Investment Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

An investment proposal requires a complete transparency on the part of both parties involved, as well as a clear vision of the benefits of a joint venture. Thus, an investment proposal template must include these and other relevant details.
Sample Investment Proposal Template
Name of investing company: __________________________ [Name of the company bidding for an investment contract]
Date of establishment: _______________________________ [dd/mm/yy]
Our comprehensive outline of the investment proposal: _____________________________________________________________________ [Mention the salient features of the contract as well as details of financial transactions]
Estimated date for the first phase of investment formalities to be completed: _________________________________________________ [dd/mm/yy]
Estimated date for final financial transactions: _________________________________________________ [dd/mm/yy]
[Give relevant dates]
Our objectives in presenting this investment proposal before you: _________________________________________________________ [Present a clear outline of your firms’ aims and objectives]
Our sources of funding: _______________________________________________________
[Mention your firm’s source of capital to ensure transparency]
The benefits we hope to accrue through association with your firm: _________________________________________________________ [Mention the reasons for participating in this investment contract]
Date: __________ [dd/mm/yy]
Download Investment Proposal Template in Word Format

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