Offer to Purchase Template

June 30, 2011

An offer to purchase template contains the conditions as well as terms for the sale and purchase of the item. The Offer to Purchase should hold all the stipulations on which both groups agreed, for example the date, monetary demands, fixtures and terms, and conditions of transaction.

Sample Offer to Purchase Template

Date_______________ (Date on offer to purchase)
The person drafting this tender is the (seller’ name).
If accepted by the (buyer’s name), this bid shall create a lawfully enforceable bond. Both parties have to read this carefully and comprehend it before authorizing.
The undersigned buyer,
__________________________ (Signature of buyer)
Hereby bids to purchase the___________ (name of item) by the (maker’s name) ______________ described as: _________________ (short description of item) at the price of ___________________ (cost of the item) and on the following conditions: _
Conditions of purchasing__________________________ (terms of purchase)
Failure to meet the above terms shall lead to legal actions.

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