Itemized Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

An itemized receipt template is a format of itemized receipt which a company provides to its customers and clients in return of the payments it receives. These types of receipt templates can be used by various different types of companies and can be then used as per needs and requirements. An itemized receipt template includes details of the person issuing the template, details of the item and their price.

Sample Itemized Receipt Template

Name of company ___________________________ (Name of the company which is delivering the itemized receipt) Date ____/____/____ (Date on which the itemized receipt is being made) Items purchased________________________________________ (Details of the items that the customers have purchased) Per unit price __________________________________ (Price of single unit of the items purchased) Quantity _____________________________________________ (Quantity of the items purchased) Price ______________________________ (Total Amount of the items that the customer has purchased Tax ___________________ (Amount of tax added to the amount of purchase) Total Amount paid ________________________________ (Total amount that the customers have paid)

Download Itemized Receipt Template in Word Format

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