Gas Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A Gas receipt template is issued by gas filling stations or agencies. The template provides details regarding the person availing the gas services, type of services and the amount charged for the same.

Sample Gas Receipt Template

Name of gas filling station___________ [The details of the gas agency or organization providing receipt is given here]
Receipt number__________
Receipt date___/___/___ (This section gives details of receipt).
Name of customer____________ Phone_______ Email_________
(Here the customer details will appear.)
Place of gas filling_________ Time/hours________
Quantity of gas_________ charges for gas_______________
Gas filling station in charge__________ salesperson/service boy____________
(Here the detail regarding gas-filling service will appear.)
Other services hired by customer: ___________________
Charges for those extra services_____________
(This section mentions details of those extra maintenance services if hired by the customer.)
Total sum of ______________ received by_____________ (Name of customer) for gas filling and other services.
(This is the important part of template for mentioning the information about gas charges with name of payee.)
Signature of in charge____________ Date__/___/___

Download Gas Receipt Template in Word Format

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