Professional Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Professional receipt template is a document used by professionals, in order to give receipts to their clients or customers for the payments they receive from them against their products or services. Here is a standard professional receipt template to give you an idea about how it should be designed or drafted. There can be various different types of professional receipt template and one can use them as per their needs and requirements.

Sample Professional Receipt Template

Date ____________________ (Date on which the receipt is being signed)
Name ___________________ (Name of the Professional)
Company’s Name ___________________________________ (Company Name of the Professional)
Client’s Name _____________________________________ (Name of the client who has given the payment and who is getting the receipt)
Details of the product or service ______________________________ (What product or service you have provided to the customer)
Amount Received ___________________________________ (Amount paid against the product or service of the professional)
(Sign of the Professional or the person who is filling the receipt)
Thanks for your Visit. Visit Again.

Download Professional Receipt Template in Word Format

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