Invoice Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

Whenever an individual places an order to make a purchase and pays the amount he gets a bill which is known as an invoice receipt and an invoice receipt template is the format in which these receipts are designed.  The detail of the company to whom the order is placed is mentioned in the template along the details of the purchase, the total purchase price and the amount paid by the customer.

Sample Invoice receipt template

Dated: _________ [date on which the invoice has been prepared]
Invoice number: ____________
_____________________ [name of the company with whom order has been placed]
Address: ___________________ [office address of the company]
__________________________ [company logo]
Product code              Description of the product         Quantity               Purchase Price
____________          ________________                 __________    __________
[Here the complete details of the purchase is mentioned]
Total: _________________ [total purchase price]
Discount: ___________ [discount amount]
Net total: _______________ [total purchase price after deducting discount amount]
Amount paid: _____________ [actual amount paid by customer]
Amount due: ________________ [outstanding amount that the customer has to pay]

Download Invoice Receipt Template in Word Format

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