Parking Receipt Template

July 1, 2011

A parking receipt template lays the format of a parking receipt which you receive when you park your vehicle in an authorized parking area. This template will contain the details of your vehicle and the amount that you will have to pay when you come back to take your vehicle. Here is a parking receipt template to give you an idea about what a parking receipt would be like.

Sample Parking Receipt Template

Date _______________________ (Date on which you have parked your vehicle in the parking lot)
Type of Vehicle ____________________________________
Registration No. of the vehicle ______________________________________
Amount: _________ (Parking rent applicable)
The vehicle is allowed to stand in the parking lot for _____ hours (Number of hours for which the vehicle can stand). After that, the parking rent will increase by ________ per hour (Parking areas allow your vehicle to stand for a limited number of hours. After that, they apply the additional rent on a per hour basis).

Download Parking Receipt Template in Word Format

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