Job Survey Template

July 4, 2011

A job survey is a survey of employees with parameters such as peer to peer relationship, employee employer relationship, environment at the work place and many others. It analyses individually the point of view of every employee at his / her workplace.

Sample Job Survey Template

Name ____________ (Full name of employee)
Address ____________ (Residential address of employee)
Department _____________ (your department)
Phone number ________ (contact number) email id ______________ (email address)
1.    What is your position at your current job? ( department you work in)
1.    Option 1
2.    Option 2
3.    Option 3
1.    How long have you worked here? ( your tenure)
a. Option 1
b. Option 2
c. Option 3
1.    What sort of peer to peer relationship exists?(describe your relationship with colleagues)
1.    What sort of relationship do you have with your senior management? (employee employer relationship)
1.    Do you see any career advancement here? (views on career improvement)

Download Job Survey Template in Word Format

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